Three easy ways to grow your Facebook following


Facebook growth can be tough compared to other social media networks.

Particularly if you use Instagram, you’ve probably noticed your follower count going up day by day, while your Facebook page feels stale.

So if you’re eager to grow your Facebook following, here are my top three tips to reach a new, engaged audience.


Share your content. Share with friends and family, invite everyone to like your page.

Bite the bullet and invite your whole network to like your page. Yes this means really putting yourself out there, sharing your business with the world and here’s why it’s important…

Although not everyone in your friends list is a potential customer, the chances are, they’ll know someone that is.

Think of all the friends you have on Facebook right now.

Now think about how many friends each person has - that’s a huge network of people you can access, just by sharing your posts, and asking your friends to share too.

Amongst that huge network, there are people that need what you’re offering.


Use competitions and giveaways to reach a new audience

This is my absolute top tip in building your followers on any social media site, but particularly on Facebook.

Competitions and giveaways not only create a buzz with your existing followers, but also encourage new people to join you.

To run one, you need to have an enticing prize. You can either give away a product, a voucher or one of your services.

Whatever it is, it needs to be really good (I’d suggest your offer should be worth at least £50, but this really depends on the price of your products - if you’re best seller is £20 then £50 is generous, however if your best seller is £500, a £50 offer is a bit lame).

The best competitions and giveaways are easy to enter (hardly any thought or effort needed) and require a very small amount of engagement from the user. 

Now, there are two things Facebook don’t allow you to do and that’s: 1) ask your audience to share and 2) tag a friend to enter.

So you need to create an offer that your audience wants to share, without being told to.

You could also suggest they tag a friend that would like to win X price too (but not have it as an entry requirement) - this way you’re encouraging shares, without breaking any rules.

Heres an example:

To win [insert prize] all you have to do is:

  1. Like my page

  2. Tell me what you would do with [prize]

Tag a friend that you think would love this too.

If you can get your audience to comment on your post, your post will appear on some of their friends timelines anyway. So you don’t need to worry about them sharing it.

Plus if it’s an appealing enough offer, they’ll actually want to share it.


Get started with Facebook advertising

The next step is Facebook ads. Now I know, you might not have the budget available right now and that’s ok, I hear ya.

But remember, you can have a Facebook ad with a budget as small as £10 and you’ll still reach a new audience of potential followers from this.

I’ll save the Facebook ads lecture for another post. But honestly, they’re one of the cheapest forms of advertising, and in my opinion the best, because you can be really specific about your audience.

Spend some time crafting an engaging post and really getting to know who your target customer is before you begin advertising.

If you can be really specific with your customer, and create an ad that they want to engage with, you’ll get amazing results even with a small budget.

How are you growing your Facebook following? If you have any useful tips you’d like me to add to this list, just get in touch here.