Creating controversial content is great for engagement, but is it any good for your brand?


You’ve heard that getting comments on your post will ‘help you beat the algorithm’, it’ll give your social media profile a boost, right? 

While it’s absolutely true, that the key to creating great online content is creating content that encourages people to connect, engage with and consume your brand.

But, what about content that’s created just to get a reaction?

It’s something I see a lot of on LinkedIn, but it happens on all platforms.

It’s either a very strong divisive opinion, you know, like ‘everyone that voted for Brexit is an idiot’, or it has something to do with being a parent ‘I’m so happy my child is going back to school, people that love having their kids around are weird’.

I’ve noticed a trend in this content too, it’s usually from people that work in marketing.

We know they’re going to get a heap of comments from their audience - they always seem to choose a controversial opinion of whatever’s trending. So they’re giving their content a good engagement boost. 

But what does creating online negativity say about their brand? Or them as a professional?

I mean, debates are healthy, but rarely are online debates healthy. Online, it very quickly turns into arguing and name-calling. People always get offended and many are left with a bad taste in their mouth.

So why then choose content subjects that are so divisive that will alienate half of your audience? Is the engagement really worth it?

I’m all for sharing opinions, thoughts and personal stories online, it’s part of my strategy. But I try to stay away from topics that divide the nation. When I do share something I believe in, I try to explain myself, rather than insulting everyone that disagrees with me.

When I see a controversial post like this, it absolutely puts me off the authors content, but then, I doubt I’m their target audience.

I’d love to hear what you think about creating controversial content? You can get involved in the comments below.

Emily Westonsocial media