Get found locally on Google, even if you work from home


 Google My Business is a great tool for SEO (search engine optimisation). 

It was created for local businesses like shops and cafes, but you can also list your business without an address. This is great news if you work from home, or don’t have a business ‘base’. 

Here's why you need to be on Google My Business: 

  • You'll attract more visitors to your website

You'll appear to customers locally to you, and you can showcase your business quickly, right in the search results.


  • You'll stand out from your competitors

The listing is big, it appears along the right of the search results and fills the page. If your competitors don't have a listing, you're almost guaranteed a spot at the top of the results.


  • You can use it to get free reviews

How often have you taken a quick look at the reviews before buying a product or service? With Google My Business, you can showcase your great products and customer service.


  • You are proving your authority

Your listing proves to both Google and potential customers that your business is real. Which means Google is more likely to prioritise your business and customers are likely to trust it.


  • It's a free marketing tool

It's a completely free listing, so why not take advantage of it? You can add photos, posts and even special offers to attract more visitors to your website.



Here’s an example of a Google My Business listing for a watch company: Mr Jones Watches.


Notice how it dominates the search results page?

This listing will appear when someone searches the name of your business, and in local ‘business type’ listings (a search term such as: plumbers near me).


So how do I sign up?

Follow this link:

Press the big green START NOW button, then sign into your Google account.

Then you’ll need to input your business name, then your physical address.


If you work from home or don’t want your address to be public

You will need to tell Google your real address, so that you can verify your account (they send you a postcard with a PIN to verify your listing), but you can choose whether or not your address is publically listed.

Tick the box ‘I deliver goods or services to my customers’ 

Then another tick box will appear: ‘hide my address (it’s not a store)’ make sure you’ve ticked this box, otherwise your full address will be visible in the listing.

You can then choose to appear within certain regions / cities or within a distance from your address. 


Continue following Google’s instructions to set up your listing. 

Add your website address, a description, some photos or even create a post.

Once your address has been verified, you’ll be up and running. As easy as that!