The Brummie Mastermind

Applications now open!


Are you ready to level-up your business?


The Brummie Mastermind is a small, exclusive community of talented business owners, all working collaboratively to make more money.

Every session you will have an opportunity to share your successes and difficulties with the group. You’ll then receive invaluable advice and feedback from your peers. You will hear different perspectives, from other talented business owners, and you’ll get the accountability you need to reach your goals. 

Working alone is tough - the Brummie Mastermind is an opportunity to work with people that get it. 

As well as getting help with your own business, you’ll also have the opportunity to think creatively and help others with their goals and plans.

We’ll be meeting for two hours, every 4-6 weeks in person, in central Birmingham. You must be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions, but you’ll get the opportunity to vote on the best dates for you.

As part of the mastermind, you’ll also get advice from me on your digital marketing strategies and a 20% discount on all consultations and future courses.

Applications now open for Autumn 2019, spaces are limited so apply now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Your total investment for the Brummie mastermind is just £30 per session, payment will be arranged upon successful application.

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