BUILD YOUR BRAND: the interactive workbook

BUILD YOUR BRAND: the interactive workbook


This workbook is about laying foundations for your brand, it doesn't teach you about colours, fonts or logos, instead, it gives you clarity.

It'll give you easy and practical steps to improve or create your brand.

Together we:

  • Discover your vision for your brand

  • Create your authentic story

  • Realise what's valuable about your brand

  • Get clear on your target customer

  • Find out how you can stand out from your competitors

It's interactive, so rather than me boring you to death with facts and quotes, you get explanations and challenges - with plenty of examples.

It’s a 23 page PDF that will be automatically emailed to you when you’ve completed your order. You’ll receive both a mobile and a desktop version of the file - so you can use it on the go, as well as on your computer.